Dating Websites

The Scamming Art of Dating Websites

With the World Wide Web, many thought it would be easier to just go to dating websites to find that perfect someone for their life. We all think this to be pretty simple and on television advertisements, they make it seem as if it's really simple to join these dating websites. The truth of the matter is that it's not that simple to join dating websites.

A few friends of mine just recently got into the jazz about joining dating websites. They have their good uses don't get us wrong. These are great girls who just need to get their butts into high gear and talk to a few people. So online dating websites allows you to tell people who you are then allow them to contact you. It seems simple enough. Well, what they don't tell you are that some of them who claim to be free aren't free at all. Not many people are willing to spend senseless cash on dating websites. If you thought that was the worst to come as far as dating websites and their scheme of things, you're wrong.

Those dating websites that use people like Dr. Phil the famous relationships therapist are extremely picky about those entering their dating websites. For dating websites that are supposedly equal opportunists who want to see love happen to anyone, they sure have a bad way of showing it. It is these dating websites that screen people and they choose if you are worthy enough to have a profile on their dating websites. Now, explain to me how fair that is.

So, what types of things are they looking for when they are screening people for their dating websites? Well, one type of people that they are giving the boot to are people who are overweight. Some dating websites will reject you if you smoke or drink excessively. Basically, it boils down to this. If you have a habit that seems to be frowned upon by society and would turn people away according to the dating websites standards, then they do not want you as a member on their website because you run the risk of never finding a person on their dating websites. That's a bit extreme if you ask me. This means that more and more people will be rejected.

You might wonder why this bothers me so much. Well, it bothers me because many people just socially drink. Plus, who is to tell someone that they will more than likely not find love when they aren't Cupid? It's extremely irritating that these dating websites do this because it invades privacy because you don't really have a right to really look into a person's profile and judge them.

Now, some dating websites do go in to monitor that the content is appropriate, but that is just glimpsing and you aren't reading the words for mannerisms or getting a sense of who they are and making a judgmental call based upon that. You are simply reading through to make sure things are clean and in order.

Second of all, it's lowering your self confidence if a business doesn't even have faith in you who will? Last of all, when they do this they are losing people who would have been your clients. How could you do something like that? It just baffles me all to heck to think about this. While some think that dating websites have still made it easier, I think they have targeted out who they were going to make things easier for. It's sad to think that way, but that's just the way it is. So, there you have it ladies and gentleman. The real deal with what is going on with these dating websites who claim they think everyone deserves a bit of love in their life. Well, you have a really bad way of showing it to those dating websites who use this method.